Who we are

Venezia is a clothing brand that was created in 2015 by Alexandra Morles, a Venezuelan teenager who in her free time dedicated herself to the art of design fashion.

Why Venezia?

One day Alexandra stumbled across an article in a fashion magazine, where a designer from a famous accessories brand was asked, what will you do when you run out of inspiration? and she replied “when I run out of inspiration I will go to Venice"


We work with brands who align with our beliefs

In the future we hope to integrate pieces that are created with 100% recycled materials from previously used pieces that have already completed their first useful life cycle. In order to grant those pieces a new history and personality,adopting the Upcycling Revolution concept. Committed to being an environmentally responsible and friendly brand, we design garments that are replicated in small series, and we are proud to say that our collection and packaging are completely sustainable.

We used only certified organic cotton

Conventional cotton is a polluted crop, uses more than 25 percent of the pesticides used in farming. Pesticides are chemicals used to kill pests, bugs, or weeds. Exposure to pesticides may lead to illnesses and health issues. As much as one fifth of the water used for conventional cotton is for diluting pollutants.

Organic cotton is held to a stricter standard and more sustainable solution. It is grown without pesticides from seeds that have not been genetically modified. Organic farming practices avoid using harmful chemicals while aiming for environmental sustainability and the use of fewer resources.

Each detail of the design is thought over carefully to ensure the perfect fit, comfort and longevity and create looks that don’t go out of style. There are no seasonal collections, just a line of 24/7 apparel with occasional new arrivals that stand the test of time.